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12th Jan 2014 04:37pm
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Robbie Williams in Polesworth

I do enjoy the odd rumour, that could actually be true, and no more so than a local one in a village a short distance from me called Polesworth.

So what's the rumour?

Well, earlier on I got a text message from The Mother saying she's heard that Robbie Williams had a few drinks around the pubs in Polesworth and also has purchased Pooley Hall (the home of the late Edwin Starr). Now normally I don't listen to rumours and gossip because if I did then Cher would be living just around the corner and I'd also be a coke-head (don't ask).... [read more]

15th Dec 2013 08:01am
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Giggling Over Council And NHS Sex Site

So I spent most of the early hours of this morning randomly browsing the internet (as I usually do when I'm feeling tired) and I came across a website called Respect Yourself, ran by Warwickshire County Council's Respect Yourself Campaign Team, NHS Warwickshire. Basically it's a website offering absolutely *loads* of information to people about sexual health.

Now I know, from previous experience, that usually the leaflets you see in the doctors or at sexual health clinics (when you go for your regular check up - which you SHOULD be doing - even if you haven't engaged in any sexual relations... [read more]

1st Apr 2013 02:32am
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Street Lights Out In Atherstone

Part Night Lighting scheme in Atherstone

That you see above is the current view from my house looking out into the street. Yes, it's dark. Very dark. (There's only 42 different shades of black in that image)

Now even though this looks very eerie and more like something you're used to seeing down the lanes or in a mass-murdering horror film, this is in fact a main street in Atherstone (where I live). It seems North Warwickshire Borough Council have came up with a silly crack-pot idea (probably whilst on crack - may I add) to save £500,000, reduce... [read more]

20th Mar 2013 03:47am
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Pectus Excavatum Post-Op

It's now been two and a half weeks since I finally had the bar in my chest removed and I thought I may aswell give everyone an update as to how everything's going.

The cuts at the moment are still tender on both sides, the right-hand side isn't too bad and the swelling has gone down on it a lot, however the left-hand side is still fairly swollen and quite painful to touch or when my arm rubs against it. This pain is quite annoying too because I like to sleep on the left-hand side of my body (I had a... [read more]

1st Mar 2013 02:00am
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On erm the erm radio erm...

Well yesterday I had the delight of visiting BBC Coventry & Warwickshire for a radio interview with the lovely Annie Othen about my Pectus Excavatum. Now if you listen to the interview (which is available on the BBC iPlayer here until next Wednesday [6th March] - I'm on just after about 2hrs) or you can listen to my segment below (no time limit), you will notice one thing... which I totally didn't think I was doing, however my Brother and The Mother both told me about it, which is that I kept saying "erm" so... [read more]

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