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4th Jul 2013 09:00am
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Moan About... TV Licensing

Just a quick grumble... now to some this may come as a bit of a surprise, but I do actually have a TV License - well The Mother pays for it, so we're covered - even though I do think it is a bit of a stupid idea (especially now we're in the digital age of TV [Don't pay TV License, then why not block the BBC channels? Simple?]). Anyways, the TV Licensing fee gets split between different departments within the BBC and other companies, but for this slight moan, I'm focusing on the BBC.

They have decided to spend a... [read more]

19th Feb 2013 08:46pm
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BET and MTV's Twitter Hacked

Well my goodness, that didn't take long. I was thinking it'd be tomorrow that the next account would be compromised, however it's recently happened again... this time BET (Black Entertainment Television) has been compromised and had their profile picture changed to the MTV logo.

BET's Twitter Hacked

And also MTV's official Twitter account has also been compromised too, with their name being changed to "HACKED MTV!".

MTV's Twitter Hacked

This is crazy... three blue badged accounts so far this evening... stay tuned for more.

» Twitter: @BET
» Twitter: @MTV

3rd Feb 2013 01:24pm
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Caught Up

Well that's me all caught up now with the charts after neglecting them the past couple of month - will obviously put todays on later on when they're announced around 7pm. Also I'm preparing tomorrows Manday too... feel we're in need of a good one tomorrow. The original lad I was going to use - who I saw in Cold Case the other night - died last year, so I can't really put him on.

Talking of TV, I have recently - well since we had Sky TV - got myself hooked on low-budget films, especially disaster based ones. Only earlier... [read more]

9th Jan 2013 01:20pm
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Smashing Night

Smashed Window

Just when you think you live in a nice quiet place, that (above) happens... but it's not the first thing to happen since we've moved around the corner and they ain't random attacks - well not that we know of anyways. It seems a possible person is to blame for this, which happened last night at 6.55pm and as you can see it was a poor throw as it only broke one pane of the double glazing. Besides this though, we've had the cars back window put through too a few weeks ago. Oh and to... [read more]

27th Nov 2012 05:09am
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Dale's vLog #2

Time for my second - one day late - Vlog ... this time about my bowels, my box, lube, TV babes and random long words ...

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