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1st Dec 2012 03:16pm
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Xmas port scan attack from WAN

Since we've moved to our new address, we've been having nothing but problems with our internet service. We were told that we'd get the same speeds as we did at the old house as soon as we moved into the new house, well as you may have guessed, we didn't. We usually got speeds of 9-10Mbps at the old house and now we're at the new house, we're lucky to get 600Kbps! (Yes, 0.6Mbps!) Which sadly isn't enough to watch anything on YouTube, BBC iPlayer - let alone listen to the radio online either.

Thankfully, TalkTalk are... [read more]

23rd Oct 2012 05:54pm
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The Mother thinks I am on the Game

Well this is awkward. Basically because I get a bit of spending money from advertising revenue every week/fortnight, which is usually paid into my PayPal account - of which I can use in shops when I buy fags and other bits and bobs because I have a PayPal Mastercard thing - and the fact I have a huge social circle too, The Mother believes I'm getting my money from being on "The Game" (for those unsure with the terminology, "The Game" is basically being a prostitute / rent boy). I must clarify I am NOT... [read more]

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