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18th Jan 2013 04:31pm
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UK Snowday

We've been warned we would get snow and thankfully it has finally turned up... and not in a poxy way either. This time we've had (well it's still falling as I write this) we've had a fair amount of it. I've just been up the local golf course - where everyone goes when it snows because of the hills - and the snow up there is easily 7-8 inches in most places. Back down on normal level, it's currently around 4 inches and rising. I believe we're supposed to be having this snow pretty much non-stop for the next few... [read more]

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24th Mar 2009 12:36am
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Tornado Footage

I have a huge fascination with the weather. Though what we get here in the United Kingdom is poo compared to the likes of the United States of America... with their 15+ inches of snow, deep freezes, massive heatwaves, hail stones the size of grapefruits, hurricanes, magnificent thunderstorms and lightning and of course tornadoes.

Not many people know though, the UK has more tornadoes than the USA - but that's only like that because that's measured by tornadoes by area. Though overall the USA have over 1,000 tornadoes a year! Ranging from just little funnels in the sky to full blown... [read more]

3rd Feb 2009 01:08am
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Thank You Europe

Well... what a day... thank you Eastern Europe for giving this to us. :) I ain't seen a snow fall like this in all my life! Finally! Though I would have had preferred this on Christmas Day.

Obviously loads of schools around the country were closed yesterday (Monday) and will be closed today (Tuesday) as a nice fresh band of snow is due to pass over the country. Obviously loads of extreme weather warnings are in force for the country.

I was shocked to hear too that this was the worst snow fall in 18 years, caused all the buses in London... [read more]

5th Jan 2009 02:22am
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Yay! Finally it's started snowing - yeah it's like after 2am but it has been kinda "trying" to snow most of the night but about 20 minutes ago, finally, it started to chuck it all down ... and in the good old? fashioned way of wanting to advertise your site... I did it. Doodle in the snow! =] Woohoo! I've done 3 of my website and also I've wrote "lamppost" next to a lamppost and also I've wrote "drain" next to a drain. Pretty funky! =]

Dale Hay Snow In Atherstone

28th Oct 2008 12:58pm
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Oooo... just checking the weather and we're supposed to be getting heavy snow from 3pm onwards and light snow from 6pm onwards... who knows if it'll happen... I do hope so though as it'll be nice to have a snowy downpour in October.

Edit: It started sleeting about an hour ago, but now it's slowly turning into snow... sadly though the floor is wet, so it won't settle (unless loads and loads of it came down quickly!)

Update: Well it did go from sleet to heavy snow, but didn't settle... sadly. Now it's all gone.

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