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21st Aug 2015 08:14pm
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Dismaland, Weston-super-Mare

It started out as a little rumour floating around that our local paper picked up on about a big budget film being made in Weston-super-Mare, then even though it had an entry on IMDB and also the main actors WikiPedia page had the film listed in their filmography, someone spotted a lady in public talking to a security person and thought it was Banksy's manager(ess)... then all sorts of rumours flooded the town. Actually, not just the town, the main press too - especially when structures were actually visible from above the walls of Tropicana.

Yesterday put... [read more]

26th May 2013 01:43am
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Sky Android Apps Hacked By Syrian Electronic Army

Sky Android Apps HackedIt's only recently been reported by Sky, that a numerous amount of their Android apps have been hacked and replaced on the Google Play Store. As you can see from the screenshot to the side, it's a group calling themselves the Syrian Electronic Army. At the time of writing this up the affected apps are Sky Go, Sky+, Sky WiFi and the Sky News app.

Sky's official support account (@SkyHelpTeam) has advised people who have these applications installed on their Android devices to uninstall them and they will... [read more]

3rd Feb 2013 01:24pm
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Caught Up

Well that's me all caught up now with the charts after neglecting them the past couple of month - will obviously put todays on later on when they're announced around 7pm. Also I'm preparing tomorrows Manday too... feel we're in need of a good one tomorrow. The original lad I was going to use - who I saw in Cold Case the other night - died last year, so I can't really put him on.

Talking of TV, I have recently - well since we had Sky TV - got myself hooked on low-budget films, especially disaster based ones. Only earlier... [read more]

31st Jan 2013 09:31am
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8th February 2013


Now if you remember me saying in my previous post that after that day (24th Jan) I will no longer be 95% human, 5% stainless steel ... well sadly that didn't happen. Yes, the operation got postponed. Again. What made it worse though is that I received the phone call to tell me it'd been cancelled when I was already halfway to the hospital - we had just drove through Coleshill and the phone signal was crap. Though, I do remember a street we passed and I had to take a picture - just for the sheer fact of it... [read more]

19th Nov 2012 02:52am
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Top 40 UK Chart Singles (11th November 2012)

Below is the list of UK Top 40 Chart Singles announced Sunday 11th November 2012.

1) Robbie Williams - Candy
2) Labrinth - Beneath Your Beautiful (feat. Emeli Sandé)
3) The Wanted - I Found You
4) Adele - Skyfall
5) Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child (feat. John Martin)
6) PSY - Gangnam Style
7) Wiley - Can You Hear Me (Ayayaya) (feat. Skepta, JME & Ms. D)
8) Rihanna - Diamonds
9) Misha B - Do You Think Of Me
10) Rita... [read more]

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