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22nd Mar 2016 11:34pm
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Increment Games

Increment Games

I don't really play many games these days, mainly because none of the equipment I own is powerful enough to play the games and they're not as fun these days either where more time and effort have been put into the graphics than the game play itself (give me [PSX era] Spyro The Dragon, Crash Bandicoot or Tombi anyday!)

These days when I do play a game, it's usually some sort of boring - yet addictive - increment game (like Cookie Clicker or AdCap!). Simple games that you can spend about 5 minutes a day catching... [read more]

28th Jan 2016 08:10pm
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Yet Another Fail From The Daily Mail

Another Fail From The Daily Mail

Before I begin, I must say that I have no idea why I ended up on The Daily Mail website ("MailOnline") and I can't be bothered to look through my history either to see how and why, but whilst on there I tottled into their Science section for all articles to do with, well, Science and Technology. And I saw one article that caught my attention.

Another Fail From The Daily Mail

Titled "The secret sites you WON'T... [read more]

2nd Oct 2014 12:10pm
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Always Check Your Sources

The internet these days is a weird and wonderful place, however what's real and what's not is usually a problem for many folk to decipher, especially since the popularisation of Photoshop. Which is why I always like to check my sources (if available) before believing something.

However, a lot of places didn't check their sources with this story. It went viral Tuesday with various websites carrying it with various titles like "Cheerleader Takes Dump On Teammates In Mid-Air", as you can see in this article.

Check Your Sources

It didn't take long to do the rounds on Facebook, Instagram... [read more]

27th Apr 2014 03:52am
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I'm Banking In The Future?

How strange. I've just gone and checked my bank account and thought to myself once seeing my recent transactions, "woah, it's not the 28th already is it?!". Thankfully it isn't - as you can see from the calendar and clock below.

Future Banking With Lloyds

It's still the 27th April (well almost 3 hours in at the time of writing this up), however my account thinks it's Monday. :/

Really doesn't help my already f*cked up head with the days.

Oh, message from the future (as I'm supposedly a day ahead), the future sucks. Trust no-one.

31st May 2013 11:05am
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EA Offering Free Online Game Passes for XBox360

It seems EA are allowing people with XBox360's to get free online game passes to a selection of games from the XBox Marketplace.

The current game passes in the list are:
» Bad Company 2 VIP
» Bulletstorm Online Pass
» Dragon Age: Origins - The Stone Prisoner
» Dragon Age 2: The Black Emporium
» Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Online Pass
» Mass Effect 2: Cerberus Network
» Medal of Honor Online Pass
» Skate 3:... [read more]

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