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5th Mar 2013 01:10am
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PE Nuss Bar Removal: Day 3 Monday

PE Nuss Bar Removal: Day 3 Monday

Well what a lovely sleep I got last night... I decided to take the surgical socks off and go commando. I had the bed positioned in the weirdest way, but it felt comfy and I enjoyed the best night of sleep since being here. I woke at 6.30am for medication and breakfast which consisted of jam on toast and a coffee. The usual jokes were flying around the ward about the toast. "That toast tasted like eating soggy cardboard", "Well at least you knew which way up... [read more]

5th Mar 2013 01:09am
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PE Nuss Bar Removal: Day 2 Sunday

5am - Got woken up by the sound of an angel, well close enough. The bloke in the bed next to me's mobile phone kept randomly playing -I think- Dolly Parton. After numorous attempts to turn it off whilst also shouting random things like "Bloody hell!" and "Jesus wept!" it did stop playing... then before you could say anything, a blokes voice started bellowing loudly from his phone singing more country music. The bloke next to me was going totally ballistic again, shouting and cursing... but this time after apologising to the ward about how his phone won't shut the... [read more]

5th Mar 2013 01:08am
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PE Nuss Bar Removal: Day 1 Saturday

I phoned the hospital on Saturday morning as requested on the latest form I received and was told that it doesn't look likely any beds are going to be available, but the ward sister who I spoke to though did say straight after to give her my number and she will contact me back as soon as something is free during the day, and that she knew how much I was being messed about.

So I took a nap because of the lack of sleep I've been having and then was woken up at 6pm to a phone call from the... [read more]

1st Mar 2013 08:08pm
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Still Barred After This Weekend...

To be honest, I'm slowly starting to get annoyed with constantly having to write over and over again about me getting myself all revved up then just to then tell everyone I've been cancelled on again.

Yes, I am on about this illusive operation that still (as we're in the third month of the year) hasn't happened yet. Well I received the letter from the hospital and it wasn't the normal type of letter that I've received the previous 4 times. This time it tells me to call them on Saturday morning (tomorrow) at 10am to (I quote) "check that a... [read more]

24th Feb 2013 05:42pm
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Me In The News

As you may know if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (links above menu) that my operation to remove the bar from my chest (because of my condition, "Pectus Excavatum") had been cancelled 4 times.

BirminghamMailI was repeatedly told by some of my close followers to contact PALS and the media. Upon doing a bit of research as to what PALS do, a lot of the outcomes were to go to the media as it's a powerful method of basically 'kicking them up the arse'. So I did just that. I... [read more]

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