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28th Jul 2013 08:30am
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Enjoyed My Night In New Orleans

Well I spent pretty much most of last night in a bar enjoying karaoke in New Orleans. It was absolutely amazing!

Ok, I confess, I wasn't actually there, but I kind of was... I was on a website called EarthCam that shows webcam feeds from all over the world and in the Louisiana section is a karaoke bar in New Orleans called Cats Meow Karaoke Bar and I was watching their feed. It was absolutely amazing! The karaoke host, Nicole "MC Double D", is so energetic and knows how to get the crowd going.

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30th Aug 2008 03:33pm
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Hurricane Gustav

If you're living in New Orleans, i'd probably say... get out. A full scale evacuation plan is set to be launch on Sunday, however thousands of people have already started leaving in fear as Gustav is still likely to strenghen from its current category 3 status and head in the same path as Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Wilma, which left New Orleans flooded.

If you are in the area and wish to ride out the storm, then good luck and be safe!

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