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2nd Sep 2014 07:27am
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The Fappening - Mass Nude Leak

For a lot of men around the world, yesterday was like all of their Christmas mornings coming (literally) together at once, thanks to a hacker who has been able to breach the security surrounding Apple's iCloud and harvest pictures and videos from various high profiled celebrities accounts and release them online.

At first, the anonymous (not the decent group Anonymous) hacker was at first basically given the middle finger by many people who didn't believe him/her that this had been done, so the hacker responded by posting a preview screenshot.

The Fappening - Mass Nude Leak - Preview Screenshot
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14th Nov 2013 07:05am
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Manday #66 - Jack O'Connell

Yes, I know it's not Manday today, but I couldn't resist. Now you'll remember Jack O'Connell from E4's, Skins, where he played James Cook (or better known in it as just "Cook")

Jack O'Connell

Remember? Yeah?

Well, Jack is also in a film that has been shown so far at two film festivals and is due for release here in the UK in Spring 2014... it's based in a jail... Jack is fully nude in it too... I'm quite looking forward to this film, I mean, look how he looks in it... ooofph!

Jack O'Connell
Jack O'Connell
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21st Jan 2013 02:59am
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Manday #44 - Joe Cole

Over the past few weeks I seem to have neglected the Manday posts, so now I'm back to normality - slightly - I will continue to post them again. Today's Manday post is 24 year old actor, Joe Cole (Not to be confused with the footballer - this Joe Cole is way more fitter) and stars in a prison based film called, Offender. A few pictures below do show a fair bit of skin.

Joe Cole
Joe Cole
Joe Cole
Joe Cole
Joe Cole
Joe Cole
Joe Cole
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23rd Nov 2012 01:56pm
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Brokeback Mountain, Whitehall Style

Naked Man in Whitehall, London

Just a normal day in the crazy Big Smoke. Also, nope, don't worry, that's NOT another one of Prince Harry's drunken escapades that you can see in the picture. It's actually some random bloke - naked, may I add, who's decided to mount a statue in Whitehall, London causing police to shut the street off. This incident happened just over an hour or so ago, no idea who he is nor the reason as to why he decided to go starkers... luckily he didn't do it yesterday... [read more]

12th Oct 2012 04:53am
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Justin Bieber Naked Pictures Leaked

Well, well, well... it seems the oh-so sweet and innocent pop singer, Justin Bieber has had a bit of his personal stuff stolen and judging by his Tweets, he wasn't too happy with it. Obviously you'd be annoyed, but guess what, I bet he's more annoyed as there's supposedly rumoured "pictures" of himself on there... not so sweet and innocent now are we Bieber?

I did come across some pictures on a various website, however due to the Terms of Service with Google, I am NOT allowed to post the "picture" to share with you - and as they ARE... [read more]

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