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26th May 2015 04:01pm
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Geography 101: England, GB, UK or BI

There's still a huge amount of confusion, not just with foreigners, but also with the citizens of this great land regarding what certain places are called. The main reason I decided to bring this up is because where the house is that I currently live in is supposedly in about 4/5 different named areas... and it causes major confusion when I try explaining it. Anyway, this isn't about me, it's about this wonderful nation/country/whatever... do we call it Britain? Great Britain? United Kingdom or the British Isles?

To save the confusion, I believe this quick Geography 101 I've... [read more]

23rd Apr 2009 01:46pm
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St.George's Day

Well the day is here where we English celebrate the legend of St. George and that dragon. So go out, get bladdered and be merry and don't stop celebrating because other faiths, religions or other peoples ways of thinking offends them!! Be proud of your country. Also the weather is lovely today too, which is good. :-)

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