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20th Mar 2013 03:47am
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Pectus Excavatum Post-Op

It's now been two and a half weeks since I finally had the bar in my chest removed and I thought I may aswell give everyone an update as to how everything's going.

The cuts at the moment are still tender on both sides, the right-hand side isn't too bad and the swelling has gone down on it a lot, however the left-hand side is still fairly swollen and quite painful to touch or when my arm rubs against it. This pain is quite annoying too because I like to sleep on the left-hand side of my body (I had a... [read more]

29th May 2012 12:29am
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Manday #7 - Ryan Carnes

Today's Manday is American actor, Ryan Carnes - who you'll probably know from Desperate Housewives or as a character in CSI: Miami, Doctor Who and NCIS.

Ryan Carnes
Ryan Carnes
Ryan Carnes

17th May 2009 10:37am
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An Update

I suppose it's time I did an update. Well where to start first... hmm... well I ended up getting a letter from the doctors the other day stating that the nurse practioner that had seen me before about my chest has been "trying to contact me" ... like bollocks has she. Anyways, she wants me to go for a "reversibility testing" thing... not sure what it is - though I have done a good old? Google search on it and I think it's something to do with breath tests or something like that to see if my lungs are fine,... [read more]

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