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24th Oct 2018 09:54am
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Rehab Detox Day 2

Woke up at 7am, had our morning meeting and then had a fag before breakfast - copious amounts of Marmite on toast, after breakfast I had six more Librium, along with some other four pieces of medication. I must say that it was amazing waking up to not feeling shakey, many said the same thing too - that they noticed I wasn't rattling as much either - it felt good!

After breakfast we headed to the Centre to begin our therapy session, and I found that session to be a good full opening for me... [read more]

24th Oct 2018 09:52am
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Rehab Detox Day 1

Entered at 11:30am and began my admission form filling. Plenty of paperwork later, a dashing photo taken of me, being searched and having to handover my belongings (phone, card, passport, headphones, money, etc.), I was then left to mingle with the others within the Centre.

They all welcomed me amazingly - as if I was already known by them. The warm reception from them all was amazing, they were all polite, shook my hand and introduced themselves to me. After that initial few minutes I felt extremely relaxed, and we all proceeded to a room... [read more]

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