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29th Aug 2013 06:30pm
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Quiet Online Presence

Quiet Online Presence

Quite surprised that only a small few people have noticed my absence from Twitter the past few days... quite disappointing really considering there's over 2,500 of you following, oh well, it's only the internet after all - where everyones minds are all focused on what others have had for dinner, constant shite about Bieber and the odd few pictures of cats chucked in too.

Anyways, yes, I decided to have a couple of days away from Twitter - mainly because it was slowly but surely stressing me out and also didn't help me relax. Every night... [read more]

6th Dec 2012 03:35pm
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Trialling New Method of Signing On (JSA)

Job Centre PlusWell it seems over the past month or so, the Job Centre seems to have changed a lot of things for people on Job Seekers Allowance (JSA), like adding more possible sanctions if you fail to attend ANYTHING your Job Centre advisor tells you that you have to do (i.e; find and apply for 'x' amount of suitable jobs a week, attend interviews, attend full time work experience for no extra money, etc...), then they decided to get Monster to revamp the Job... [read more]

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