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24th Jan 2013 07:31am
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Pectus Excavatum: The Big Day

Well after today, I will no longer be 95% human, 5% stainless steel and will be back to being 100% human. Yes, the day has came where my bar that's been correcting my Pectus Excavatum finally comes out.

At the time of writing this (7.28am), I am not actually very nervous... though I shouldn't really be as I've been there and done it once before (when the bar was being put in), though knowing me when I'm called up to have my sexy hospital gown on, then the nerves will probably start taking over me.

So the way the day is due... [read more]

15th Jan 2013 01:55pm
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Pectus Excavatum: Day Before Operation

For some reason this morning I actually awoke to my phone. Normally when I'm asleep, that's it, I'm out for the count and nothing will wake me - I did sleep through 3 smoke alarms going off the other day, didn't even flinch. So anyways, yes, my phone woke me up and it was a Private Number and normally I don't answer these, but I was kinda glad I did actually answer this call. It was the hospital, well more personally it was my surgeon's secretary calling to say that tomorrows operation has been post-poned because he is required to... [read more]

10th Jan 2013 04:42pm
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Pectus Excavatum: Pre-Op Assessment

Talk about an early trip... the roads were foggy as hell when we left at 8.40am to head to Birmingham Heartlands Hospital for my appointment - which thankfully it's just a straight road from Atherstone all the way there, so we got there in time. After walking about a mile to the Pre-Op assessment area (seriously, the hospital is huge!) I was immediately seen for a MRSA test (which just requires them to swab both your nostrils), then I was immediately sent for an XRay, which I did get lost - even with the help of a map (below), I... [read more]

9th Jan 2013 02:36pm
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Pectus Excavatum: Bar Removal

Well it's been 2 years, 4 months and 22 days - or 875 days or 125 weeks or 21,000 hours or 1,260,000 minutes or 75,600,000 seconds, however you want to put it, since I had the Nuss Procedure to have my chest corrected because of a birth deformality I had called Pectus Excavatum (where the chest wall goes inwards - NOT to be confused with Pectus Carinatum which is where the chest comes out and IS the one called Pigeon Chest). I was told a few months ago that the bar is ready to come out and that it'll be... [read more]

14th Dec 2012 08:33pm
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Pectus Excavatum - 2 Years On

Well it only seems like yesterday that I had The Sister dangling in tears from my neck thinking the worst for my operation to correct my chest deformality called Pectus Excavatum. And now, it seems the time is getting closer to the bar being removed from my chest and me going from being 95% human, 5% stainless steel, back to a full 100% human.

The past two years of having the bar in, along with the build up towards having the Nuss Procedure have all been a mad journey for me. Also it's been - from what... [read more]

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