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6th Dec 2018 12:19am
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[Day 59] Settled

Well this week has started off with my mood being somewhat different compared to the previous weeks. It has been up and down more times than a whore's drawers. Thankfully though, after calling the doctors surgery this morning, I was informed that my prescription was ready and available to pick up, so I shot out of bed and went straight to the doctors to pick it up. When I got it I noticed that it was for a month (usually, during this nightmare of transferring details and what-not, it's only been for a week, then the rigmarole repeats... [read more]

4th Dec 2018 06:54pm
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[Day 58] I Almost Broke

[Day 58] I Almost Broke

What a day. Not a good day. Not in the slightest.

I thought yesterdays blip in my mood would have gone, but today has just added more fuel to that.

I attended my midday appointment with the health person to answer a few questions regarding my general health, had my blood pressure taken and was breath analysed - the reading was 0mg (obviously because I have not drank for 58 days).

That whole appointment lasted barely 15 minutes. I had to pay £4.80 to get the bus to travel 6 miles for a 15 minute appointment. I... [read more]

4th Nov 2018 08:48am
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Sobriety [Day 22 - Day 28]

Sobriety [Day 22 - Day 28]

Monday, glorious Monday. A cold one to wake up to too. Sadly the grass has not turned crisp and frosty white though. I always find that a beautiful sight to see when surrounding fields are just pure white - be it from frost or from snowfall - they always look picturesque.

I've been getting a bit bored recently with the current playlist on my mobile device (I can't walk down the town to and from my day programmes and/or meetings without some sort of music playing), so I spent a few moments rejigging what... [read more]

28th Oct 2018 09:19pm
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Sobriety [Day 15 - Day 21]

Sobriety [Day 15 - Day 21]

Following on from my previous blog post on here, you are aware that I finished my detox programme at 9am on Monday 22nd October. I will continue to document what I am doing from there on, as there seems to be interest in what I am doing. So here we go.

After leaving rehab at 9am on Monday morning, we scooted back home where I was able to have a quick shave (as my shaver had been confiscated upon my arrival, so I wasn't about to shave during my fortnight stay) and also drop... [read more]

24th Oct 2018 06:27pm
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Rehab Detox Day 15

Well, the day cometh.

Woke up at 7am, had the morning meeting at 7:30am, followed by breakfast, then made sure everything was all packed up and forms were filled in. Had my medication for the morning, then sat around waiting.

I was sat in the living room area, then two of the others clocked a car on the drive, they looked out the window and one of them said "Ooo it's a nice piece of gash", I looked out the window and having clocked that it was The Mother, I exclaimed to this other that that... [read more]

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