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Well i've just came up with an idea to see if I can get into Google with a random new word and see if other people pick up on it and use it as a real term. The word i've chose is naughtationery. The meaning of it, erm, I don't know... i'd probably say The Act of being Naughty with Stationery (eg; Poking someone constantly in class with a compass). Hopefully with enough coverage this word will grow and i'll be the creator of it!

Naughtationery (Pronounced: Noor - Tay - Shun - Ree) - The act of being naughty with... [read more]

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Well in the Spring the ban will be lifted allowing us to use our mobile phones within a hospital. I knew it would happen. Yay.

Here is what the BBC News website mentioned about the subject:
A ban on patients and doctors using mobile phones in hospitals in England is to be lifted this spring, the government has announced.

Restrictions have been in place because of concerns phones could interfere with medical equipment.

But an NHS regulator said last year phones could safely be used in some areas away from sensitive equipment.

» BBC News Story

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BBC's Top Gear program, which I enjoy watching, will be returning to our screens in the Summer, even though the main host, Jeremy Clarkson, stated that it would not be returning. Unsure how and why Jeremy would say something like that, but BBC Two wouldn't be the same without Top Gear, would it? Also the footage of Richard Hammonds crash was really heart racing.

Quote from BBC News:
Top Gear will return in the summer, the BBC has said - despite host Jeremy Clarkson declaring that it will not.
At the end of the latest series last week, the BBC Two... [read more]

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Well I'm starting my own little media zone on here, showcasing various videos, music and other items. At the moment it's just started with a few S Club 7 music videos, but I will be expanding it day by day, so each day there will be something new added to it. If you do encounter any problems on it then please get in contact and i'll sort it all out.

» Dale Hay . com Media Zone

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Well, I knew it. I knew you could be on your mobile phone within a hospital and it not interfere with anything. And this study shows so too! Well it's an American based study but i'm sure the way their phones work is the same as ours ... surely.

Though saying that, they did have a similar news article on the BBC News website. Can't remember the link to it though. My theory still stands though, that you get the best signal on your mobile phone when you're in a hospital.

» CNN: No need to ban cell... [read more]

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Well everything seems to be slowly getting a bit better and starting to return to normal. After this week goes by then my bank card will be with me, a replacement birth certificate and a new phone. I'd like to say thank you to everyone that has been concerned with my recent mugging and with their offers of help.

It feels like owning a big company that just suddenly got firebombed or something similar and then now its slowly getting back to normal

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Well yesterday I got mugged, all over me wanting to goto the garage and get a Snickers. Well they got away with everything, including my Oyster Card, Bank Card, money, Tesco clubcard, Birth Certificate and ID Card. Oh also my fags and lighter.

The police came and took the details off me anyways and also Martyn's family went on a mission looking for the lads who did it to me but sadly couldn't find them. So at the moment i'm buggered for getting home or anywhere really. Luckily i'm being helped out a bit on my essentials.

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After being in a rush to get my money out for the cab driver when I arrived at a club I believe I may have dropped my phone within the cab or left it on the seat. The phone is now blocked and so is the SIM Card. So for the moment I am phoneless, so don't think I am being ignorant.

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I am truely ashamed to be called British when we have thick retarded traffic wardens partolling the streets. In the Daily Mail last week it mentioned about a lady who got her car ticketed by a traffic warden. Now this might sound routine if they're parking somewhere dodgy or something, but the poor ladies car had got crushed by a fallen tree. Unbelievable.

» Daily Mail Story

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Do you like the way that Vista looks in the screenshots and videos that you have seen of it? Well if you still have Windows XP you can make it act and look like Windows Vista. How? You may ask! Well simply by getting a few programs that i'm currently using for my Windows XP. The first program, WindowBlinds, which allows your computer theme to be modified more than what the current Windows Theme editor allows you to do, then to have the amazing ALT + TAB window changing effects you use a program called TopDesk. These two programs when... [read more]

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