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Well I have decided to create a Upcoming Movies page to the site which will be listing the movies that will be coming out in the future or soon that I would be looking forward to seeing. I will be adding more stuff to it over the next few days too. The page link is below and in the left hand menu.

Upcoming Movies

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erm... what the f...

Randomly searching on YouTube does uncover the weirdest things.

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Below is a list of all the properties that are included in the British version of Monopoly, which is also being used on the latest McDonalds Promotion. The listings below that are underlined are the known rare tickets. If you have one of them then keep it!

Old Kent Road
Whitechapel Road

Light Blue:
The Angel Islington
Euston Road
Pentonville Road

Pall Mall
Northumberland Avenue

Bow Street
Marlborough Street
Vine Street

Fleet Street
Trafalgar Street

Leicester Square
Coventry Street

Regent Street
Oxford Street
Bond Street

Dark Blue:
Park Lane

Train Station:
Kings Cross
Marylebone Station
Fenchurch Street Station
Liverpool... [read more]

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Are you not easily frustrated? If not then why not try this little game. It is still in development and currently only has 10 levels, but I am told that it will have 20 levels once it has been fully created. Give it a go and see how far you can get through it.

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Well my laptop started messing up with a dodgy fan and trying to find a fan for a Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Pro v2030 laptop turned out to be like searching for a sugar granule in the ocean. However the laptop has now decided to not even turn on... so I am now laptop-less. I am currently now being forced to go back to the old Victorian style of pen and paper. So expect the odd bit of lack in updates etc.. etc..

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Well I am just sitting here watching the news and weather and they have said that the Met Office have said we will have a long hot Summer and that the current warm weather we are currently having is not seeming to want to end, so that has got me thinking. If it is warm here then the Atlantic should be warming up nicely which will be something to look out for in just under 2 months time when the official Hurricane Season of 2007 starts. I am unsure of the predictions for this years Hurricane Season just yet, but... [read more]

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If you are running MyBBoard on your website you should update immediately to the latest version which has been mentioned about on a few security websites. The new patch, 1.2.4, removes the possibility of a hacker getting into the Admin Control Panel and also upload files, which can be malicious or illegal, to your forum.

» MyBB 1.2.4 Released

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Well I was introduced to this old song a few days ago and to be honest, I really do love it. It's a great mellow song, also me and Martyn heard it being played by a bloke at around 11pm in Covent Garden. Below is a version by Alan Lowe-Jones, which is done excellently!

Streets of London Lyrics
Have you seen the old man
In the closed-down market
Kicking up the paper,
with his worn out shoes?
In his eyes you see no pride
And held loosely at his side
Yesterday's paper telling yesterday's... [read more]

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I want to be a millionaire. Simple as. I know we all wish to be one, but I am being serious, I am going to try and become a millionaire within the next few years. I'll give an update within the next few weeks.

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Ear we go, I got my Walkers Walk-ears this morning... look how trendy they are, though you won't catch me going out in public with them on. They were free and like any kind hearted person that I am, I haven't gave a donation. :p He he. Though I might give one day. Here is what I look like with them on, awful I know.

Oh don't forget tonight is Comic Relief and be prepared to laugh your socks off at Mr Bean, Little Britain, French and Saunders (They've gotta be on!). Tonight should be funny! I hope.

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