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I am soooooo famous! Well not really famous but I have had one of my websites mentioned on another site. See, I was basically using Yahoo! Site Explorer to look at my back links to Sound Upload and came across an entry on a blog, so I clicked it and found out that my site was mentioned and fully explained. That has really put a smile on my face!

The website that I found it on is called WebSpawner. It's a website where you can setup your own little webpage for free using their easy-to-use tools. Go check them out, URL... [read more]

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Oh my, it's been 2 years since Dale Hay . com first launched. Yaaayy! Happy Birthday to me, well the site.

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Also back on the TV is The Simpsons in their 19th season. You will noticed when you watch this that the usual opening titles have changed to what looks like the aftermath of The Simpsons Movie, plus on the couch gag you see the Spiderpig - who was shown a lot in the movie trailers. The episode is set around Homer helping Mr Burns and getting a trip in a private plane. He loves it so much that he wants to be in one again, though trouble happens when he tries to apply for a job at the local copper... [read more]

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Family Guy is back for a brand new series and to kick it of, a 43 minute episode was aired last night in America. It featured the Griffin family in a wild story about Star Wars. Chucked in were some accurate film scenes and the good sarcastic humour, including the old perve making gay orientated comments to Chris and singing I'Ve Had The Time Of My Life with the storm-troopers. In my opinion I believe it was a great start to what should be another brilliant season for Family Guy.

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Several 60mph tornadoes have been playnig around on UK terrain this morning with storms in Northampton, Luton, Breaston, Farnborough and Nuneaton. No one was hurt and the main damage is to over turned caravans, roofs being blown off, trees uprooted and bus shelters being damaged.

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The buggers. YouTube have suspended my YouTube account. Not sure why as all that was on it was movie trailers and me singing oh and Hey Big Spender. What a load of poo. Over 125,000 iews (collectively) my videos had on there.

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I know that was a veal lame joke but instead of cows being hit with the good old Foot and Mouth, something else has appeared - called Blue Tongue. No threat to humans though as it is passed on from cow to cow via midges. So it looks like they'll be more killing of cows if more tests prove positive.

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Well I watched a film last night called Blur. Now it was classed as a horror movie, but to be honest it was more of a weird messed up film. Not messed up as in gorey and bloody, but because the storyline was retarded. Basically, not to ruin it, but the storyline starts all cool then the main character kills his mate then kills his wife but then wakes up, sees that he killed the wrong person and then the film ends. Ok, so the film took just 15 days to shoot but it could have had a much decent... [read more]

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While being social earlier today in KUbar in central London, I have been jotting down a few notes on a piece of paper, as I usually do, and have now came up with a new project idea. I am getting on with it and I have done basically the main bit of it. All I have to do is pick a name, make a style of it, blah blah blah and all that jazz.

If you are wondering what the project is, well it is not Ociwa. However if you own a website and need more visitors then it may help... [read more]

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Want free music? Yes? Well don't worry... you don't need Limewire, Napster, Kazza or DC++. You need SpiralFrog, it's a new website that was launched Monday just gone. It allows registered members, which registration is free, to download music for free. The only catch is that the music is in WMA format so cannot be placed on an iPod plus cannot be burned onto CD. Oh and at the moment the service is only available to USA and Canadian residents. Maybe a UK version will be around sometime soon.

» SpiralFrog

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