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Ok, I'm going to start doing a regular feature for Sunday... a "ponder" thing. Basically I ask a really silly question that you have to ponder on to think of the answer, then when you have the answer click the title of this news piece and add your comment with your answer below.

Question 1. Trees are living things, so if they're living, does this mean they feel pain?

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If you have been re-directed here from the other site I run, of which I cannot say the name due to advertisement guidelines on this site, then sorry. I am sorting out the matter as soon as possible.

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Ok, so I'm sitting here watching the BBCs iPlayer and then I suddenly start hearing wheelie bins being blown over and as I look out the window it starts chucking down with heavy rain, heavy winds, a handful of lightning and a few decent loud rumbles of thunder. The only thing that annoyed me was that I didn't know it was going to happen... if I did I would have had got some piccies. Oh well... oh and the street lights have all gone off, not sure if that's just a precaution or they blew.

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I've just noticed while going through my PHP tutorials that I ended up having the GET string one mixed up with a vb.NET 2003 tutorial, so it started off explaining about GET strings in PHP then all of a sudden showed a visual basic For Loop. I have fixed it and the tutorial is all up and running in the correct way now, sorry about that little mix up.

» PHP Tutorial - GET String

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Happy Birthday Mom. Getting on a bit now ain't ya. :) xxx

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GoonZu ProblemsThere is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) called GoonZu that I play, at the moment my character is at level 46 and I am wanting to level up more, but yesterday the game server (Zeus) was down for about 6-8 hours, the reason... unknown. Though there was a fire in South Korea yesterday so it could have had been something to do with that, however today the game server has been soooooo laggy. I mean, I have just logged in and for the past 5 minutes none of... [read more]

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OSX on Windows XPYuk. A combination of ObjectDock and FlyAKiteOSX has made my Windows XP act and seem like Mac OSX. My command prompt was edited too to be more like some kind of Kernal editor, also my uxtheme.dll got overwritten too so even when I booted up the Windows XP loading screen is replaced by a grey Apple with dots rolling beneath it. Weird sounds also came out when I minimized and maximized my windows. I would of had the "Finder" bar too, however... [read more]

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And now, the end is near... and so I face, the final.. few hours of 2007. Yup, 2007 is coming to an end and what a decent year it has been. To end the year I must say enjoy whatever you're doing tonight and be safe. if you're in London, like myself, then you're lucky because all the Underground, DLR, Croydon Tramlink, Buses and some overground mainline train services are all free after 11.45pm tonight. But remember be safe and take care. I will speak to you all next year. (Gosh, it sounds weird saying that when next year is... [read more]

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Urgh... I've just had a call from Martyn telling me his site is offline, so I checked my account and it is offline, also along with my Sound Upload site too. So if you're trying to get on there then you won't be able to, however it'll be back up and running hopefully by 2am tommorow morning. Sorry about any problems with that, however Sound Upload is growing way too fast and I think I might have to get a dedicated server for it, which will cost me around £300 a month on top of the 2 other servers that... [read more]

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Well Merry Christmas everyone, hope you'll have a great day today and have some wicked presents. At the moment I am the first awake here so I've goto wait for everyone else to wake up. No white Christmas though, just rain.

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