1st Mar 2008 10:54pm
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Are you a Mac person? Always love a good Mac gadget in your home? Well I bet you're missing one thing... coming this Summer, why not take a seat on it and relieve yourself! Yes! The Air Poo is coming to town. With a MacBook Air docking slot, heated seat, multi-touch flusher (one tap for wee and two taps for [upto] 10lbs of poo and toilet roll), iPod dock and a intergrated surround sound system. All in with the air poo!

Air Poo
Air Poo
Air Poo... []

1st Mar 2008 07:34am
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I have just noticed that the BBC's new front page / site layout has changed and my goodness... it's nice! You can customize it for your local area, plus all the content boxes can be ordered and will stay where you want them too.. plus they expand and collapse. You can also change the colours of it too.. I just kept it as the basic default one though as it looks very Web 2.0! Good job BBC.


29th Feb 2008 06:13pm
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For Martyn's Birthday present he got off his Aunt Sue two tickets to see Derren Brown live at Epsom Playhouse in Epsom. We went there on Wednesday and enjoyed the show alot! It was hilarious, amazing, weird and mind boggling.

It was Derren Brown's birthday too which made the ending trick amazing as the whole end of one of the rows of people in the audience all had to write down either a 3 or 4 digit number and add them all up together... the total was 27208, which is 27th February 2008 ... his birthday and also the number on... []

26th Feb 2008 12:19am
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Goodbye Stage6! The only decent place with high quality videos and fast download rates - never any need for buffering. Goodbye Goodbye.

25th Feb 2008 04:39pm
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DuMP - Dale's Unique Music Player
Here is the next development build of DuMP. This is a bit better than the previous build, obviously.

0002 Development
- Add Files
- Play Works
- Pause Works
- Stop Works
- Top Timer Shows Current Position
- Bottom Timer Shows Duration of Song

Known Problems
1) Two+ songs can be played at once
2) Pressing Stop too many times crashes the program

» Download DuMP - Development Version 0002

24th Feb 2008 05:44pm
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For some, well many in the UK, your hunger overtakes you plenty of times a day... well get your chops around this mother! It's the new world record of the biggest Cheeseburger, set in Detroit, over the pond.

Picture from CNN

24th Feb 2008 02:18am
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DuMP - Dale's Unique Music Player
Here we go then... my next attempt at a program that does something and stuff. I have decided to release build / previews of it too in each stage of development. I will be working on it probably 3 - 4 days of the week for a few hours.

0001 Development
- Adding multiple MP3 files.
- Playing of music works.

» Download DuMP - Development Version 0001

22nd Feb 2008 06:03pm
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Yes, you heard me right... I like my DuMP... ... ... ... ... NO! You dirty minded fools! Not the poop sort of dump, but Dale's Unique Music Player. It's a new media player I am making which is compatible on, dare I say it, Vista... as well as other operating systems like XP.

At the moment the development has only really started this morning so there is not really a whole lot of goodies to talk about or to see/hear. The development page for DuMP is located in the Programs tab at the top of the site.

» Dale's Unique... []

20th Feb 2008 10:10pm
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Fads come and go, just like music... it's just a big fad. Seriously look... music took off (mainly) in the 60's ... two years later it was the best era for music - the 80's - with the likes of Billy Joel, Bangles, Tracy Ullman, Belinda Carlisle, Bonnie Tyler to name a few. Now 2 decades later its crashing... music is going pants meaning its fading out. It's all just a big fad that will die out soon.

20th Feb 2008 06:16pm
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Oooo we might have another Lunar Eclipse tonight at around 3:26am (GMT), mainly for America though however some of western Europe should be able to get a glimpse of it too. Only main places that won't get a ganders is Asia and Oceania. Last one for the American's though till 2010, not sure if it is the last for us British though.

If you don't know what a lunar eclipse it's where the moon turns a nice blood red.

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