29th Mar 2008 07:14am
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If you are lucky enough to own Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate edition then you'll like one of the funky features in it... the ability to have a moving background. This though is nothing new as there is a way anyone on a Windows computer can have a moving background. This small tutorial shows you how.

Step 1.
Find a video you want to be looped on your desktop background and move it to your C: ("C Drive").

Step 2.
Now open NOTEPAD (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad) and copy this information into it.

<style type="text/css">
html,body... []

29th Mar 2008 01:31am
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Google (for UK visitors anyway) has changed it's site design from a white background to a black background, why? For Earth Hour. Basically a website that has a dark background colour uses less energy to produce, meaning less carbon emissions and all that crap.

Black Google

27th Mar 2008 10:09pm
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Episode 7 is out and it's getting closer to the end of the series. Arturro tries to cockblock Michael and his turkey baster, while Amanda pushes Rex towards the grave.

26th Mar 2008 03:12am
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Don't worry... I've just completed it. Though I have to do an Advanced one now. Wish me luck!! eek!

26th Mar 2008 02:59am
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I've finally started becoming unsocialable after starting to get hooked by this bleeding thing. I can always do the puzzles in The London Paper, though the ones in the London Lite are harder... much harder, even when they are rated 1 star out of 5. Though I picked up a page from The Independent (Saturday 22nd March 2008) the other day and have completed the Elementary one though I'm on the Intermediate one now and I'm so far through it but I am now officially stumped and I'm not sure which way or what way to go. Here is what... []

26th Mar 2008 02:49am
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Ok, I haven't released another copy of it just yet because I am stumped with some of its coding... well the playlist. I had two decisions either save the playlist in the registry or save it on the harddrive in a file, which I opted for saving on the harddrive. Now the filelist saves and it loads (saves on closing and loads on opening, YAY!) however for some reason I can get it to save the full path of it, but when it retrieves the data from the file - which shows the full paths - I cannot get it... []

22nd Mar 2008 08:09pm
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So you want to create your own image uploader?? Maybe for a image hosting website? If you are unsure what I'm on about then it's simple... a visitor comes onto your website, uploads an image through a form then gets told where it's located so they can use it on their own site.

What You Need
- A Web Server
- Notepad (or a PHP Editor)

Part 1
Ok so we're going to have 2 files for our project. A 'index.php' and 'upload.php' file. The 'index.php' file will have the form on it which will allow... []

20th Mar 2008 03:21pm
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The Bristol University have came up with a poo chart to determine the different types of dumps you do. What one(s) have / do you do?

Poo Chart

19th Mar 2008 12:48am
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Episode 6 has been released of Horrible People.

Billy juggles his way into Rex's heart, and the fur flies between Carter and Mother when Margaret gets her freak on.

13th Mar 2008 03:36pm
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I came across a mini-soap called Horrible People on YouTube and I'm slightly hooked. It's slightly cheesey but pretty good. At the moment they have 5 episodes of it with the next one being aired on the 17th March. Below are the first 5 episodes so catch up on them and I'll bring you the next one when it's ready.

Episode 1 (8th February 2008)

Episode 2 (19th February 2008)

Episode 3 (26th February 2008)
... []
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