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My little brother, RJ turned 4 years old today, so happy birthday mister. :D Look what I've done for you too...

Happy Birthday RJ
Click it to open it in full size.

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Mini Message Board Tutorial

Many websites like to have a message board / forum on their site, but would prefer their own "product". Well if you like, feel free to follow this tutorial and you'll learn how to create a mini message board in PHP and MySQL.

Database Stuff

Before we start with any of the coding, you will need to go into your phpMyAdmin and (if you haven't already got a 'threads' and 'replies' table) paste this in the SQL box. If you already have a threads and replies table in your database then you will need to change it accordingly to
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Olympics 2008
The ceremony has just finished with a bloke running around the upper area of the stadium. All the countries have also entered and the torch has been lit. Loads of fireworks too... it was cool. Anyways, good luck Great Britain.

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Freeview on Computer Tutorial

Everything, especially in the United Kingdom, is turning digital now. Analog Television is already starting to be turned off and many options are available now for watching TV - like Freeview, FreeSat, Sky or Virgin. Digital Radio's can also be bought to listen to the radio in crystal clear quality - unlike the old "welcome to thi... *hiss* *hiss* *hiss* .. ow on the program.. *hiss*". Now I always watch Freeview on my laptop (With having Dave as one of my favorite channels)... how? Here's how.

Items Required

- Computer or Laptop
- V-Gear Pocket DTV
- Relevant
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Search Engine Tutorial

Heard of Google? or Yahoo!? ... of course you have. Also you know exactly what they do. But why should you just let Google or Yahoo or other search engines take all the glory. Why not try yourself and make your own Search Engine in PHP and MySQL. Ok, you won't beat Google.. but you can have a really good try.

Database Stuff

Open up your phpMyAdmin (or database software) and add this query below into the SQL section.
CREATE TABLE `searchengine` (
`pageurl` VARCHAR( 255 ) NOT NULL ,
`pagecontent` TEXT NOT NULL ,
PRIMARY KEY (... [read more]

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Everyone surely has seen Most Haunted? If not, watch it! Well there is a site called Most Farted that have done 4 videos, 3 episodes and 1 extras video and basically they edit it by changing the spoken words and also adding in fart sounds. However they haven't done a proper video in over 2 years. Though today (about 30 mins ago) I ended up finding some other videos made by someone else. They're pretty good - kinda funny.

They have disabled embedding of the video, so here are the links to the videos. There's 9 of them so far.

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Here we go... I spent hours 2 nights ago uploading over 60MB to YouTube... after also spending hours making the video file from a 3GP to AVI, then AVI to WMV then slicing it too. Anywhos... enjoy it. Melissa Totten was fab that night... a right good show. Oh the quality is poor though... not my fault... I'm hoping Sony bring out some more updated firmware.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
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See I know 01 and 02 numbers are the main numbers around the UK also I knew about 03 however I never had seen any numbers starting with 03 until now. The BBC complaints line is an 03 number.. it's 03700 100 222 ... that's like the first ever time I've seen a number with 03 on it. Also if you're wondering how much an 03 number costs, it's basically the same price as a 01 and 02 number.

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My mom ended up giving me the only tapes that she has of my late grandad. I connected them to my laptop with a 3.5mm jack and a AV cable and transferred them to my laptop into a digital format. My grandad, Michael Hardwick, has his stuff (well 9 tracks so far) on a page about him on my site. More tracks will be made later on.

» Michael Hardwick (a.k.a Mike Male)