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Apologies for the downtime. Basically my host (Crucial) have had to perform emergency maintenance after a disk drive failure on 10 servers. The servers were checked over with all the bad sectors sorted out too. To put the size of it into perspective, it takes 3 hours to scan 12% of the server. The site is fully back up now though.

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Simply Put. Wankers.

For some reason someone who has an email account ending in verizonmail.com has hijacked and taken over my email account. Blocking my access to it and now I cannot even reset the password because this dickhead has changed the backup email address. So please do not contact me through the contact form or send an email to me as I cannot read or reply to it.

I am trying my hardest to go through everything linked with my email address (PayPal, dalehay.com, Sound Upload, TLA, TNX, etc...)

Update: Also my Servage hosting account (that holds Sound Upload) has been hijacked... [read more]

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The Queen's MySpace

The Queen is know to be in-with-technology as she regularly sends text messages on her mobile phone and listens to music on her iPod and even has her own YouTube account (setup by Google). However next month she is due to goto Google's Headquarters and meet the team as she has now became hooked on the internet. The Sun newspaper has got a brilliant mock up of what her "MySpace" page would look like if she set one up.

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Sound Upload

Sound Upload has hit another milestone by having the 40,000th upload. The file however has been manually removed by the uploader.

Hopefully I'll reach 50,000 or even 75,000 by Christmas. Also the site is still getting a lot more visitors to it, which is making me happy a lot!

? Sound Upload

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Well the experiment that loads of people were to be calling "The End of the World" has gone ahead and has worked - hopefully to the relief of loads of people. Anyways, the scientists are also wanting to create a bigger version of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and make it the Super Large Hadron Collider (SLHC).

However maybe it did create a black hole and we were sucked into it so quickly and sent out the otherside that we notice nothing changed. Who knows?

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After a long lot of years trying to find out who does the deep voice overs for film trailers - I end up finding out his name after he died. I remember that most of his sayings started with "In a world where" and I always wanted to know who he was... but now I know he is Don LaFontaine. He has voiced (so basically worked on) over 5,000 films!!! Weird ain't it, hat you only know a name after they die. I'd like it if he did either "In a world where everyone is bored, they log onto dalehay.com"... [read more]

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The Mini Message Board tutorial that I did earlier will get a few addon tutorials in a few days time. I am currently halfway through some small tutorials that allow many different addons to your mini message board.

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Have you ever visited a website that had a photoshop tutorial on or some of their pictures on their that they've took of a landmark that you really wanted to see and you ended up getting this image come up instead?

Bypass Photobucket

Bypass PhotobucketWell, fear not as I am here to tell you how to bypass this message! I have only tested this in Mozilla Firefox so I do not know if it will work in Internet Explorer, Opera or Chrome. Now all you do is right-click your mouse on that "bandwidth exceeded" image and select... [read more]

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Google is on yet another venture to own the world! This time they're releasing their own web browser called Chrome, which will be available on Windows - with a Mac and Linux version coming after. The browser is said to be lightweight, fast and can handle all next generation web applications to do with graphics and multimedia (i.e. flash, java, silverlight). A beta version is available on Tuesday.

Suprisingly, the Chief Executive of Mozilla (who make Mozilla Firefox) was happy and confident about Google's rival software, however Microsoft wasn't as happy and have just plainly started blabbing on about Internet Explorer... [read more]

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What a fun item-packed event I've just had. On Goonzu (a free MMORPG game that I play) they have an event every 4, 6 or 8 hours of three giant raccoons that need killing. Everytime you hit it (chances are about 40%) you get an item... sometimes crap and sometimes decent. I ended up going for the raccoon near destiny tower and ended up getting 34 Average HP Potions, 12 Manufacture Request Tickets, 4 Teleportation Tickets, 18 Worms, 22 Mediocre HP Potions, 60 Average MP Potions, 7 All-round Medicine, 11 Personal Shop Tickets, 56 Weak MP Potions, 46 Stinky Soups... [read more]