22nd Apr 2015 05:51am
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dhIMG TwitterQuick speedy update for you this morning. dhIMG Twitter has been updated because of a few recent changes on how Twitter delivers the images on your profile, of which I was notified about yesterday by a visitor. (Thank you)

Changes in v1.3

» Fixed a downloading problem due to Twitter changes
» Save to... and RUN! buttons disabled during downloading


You can download the latest version from:

For instructions on how to use this program, please check its initial release post here.


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7th May 2015 03:08

Better if I can pick the pictures I want to download.

By Lea


17th May 2015 12:29

This app is very good, if possible developped a Mac version?

By charles


17th May 2015 13:19

Hey Charles,

Thank you very much.

Sadly I do not have a Mac computer to make a Mac version.

For the time being though, I could suggest either:
1) Running it on a Mac using Wine (I think that's what it's called - this allows PC programs to run on Mac, Linux, etc..)

2) Install a Virtual Machine ("VM") [Sun's VirtualBox is free], then install a copy of Windows [XP] and then you can run it through that.

Sorry that I haven't got any other solutions just yet - but once I am (ever) able to afford a Mac, then I shall also develop the app to work on them. :)

Dale Hay

By Dale Hay


4th Jun 2015 07:08

Hi! It seems I can only fetch videos from a user's account. or is this really the case if it's not my own account?

By Leo


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