3rd Jan 2015 08:54am
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I bet I'm not the only one that has sat and thought how crazy your notifications on Twitter must go if you're being followed by millions of people (i.e; Gaga, Perry, Bieber, 1D, etc.), not only that, but how would you see, let's say, a tweet from a radio DJ amongst the thousands that're bombarding you at any one time?

Well. I've done my usual bit of snooping - as I usually like to do - and have found what I believe is what anyone verified on Twitter gets in their notifications section. (Now I've came across this on the official Twitter App for iOS, haven't played with Android (yet!))

Now, a normal person on Twitter, when they're on the "Notifications" screen will see (in the header) the following:

Verified On Twitter

Add Friend, Search, Compose Tweet.

However, when you're verified, this happens:

Verified On Twitter

Filter, Search, Compose Tweet.

The "Add Friend" option has disappeared and you now how a "filter" button, which when pressed gives you the following options:

Verified On Twitter

All People, Tailored, People You Follow, Verified.

So, all of you fan-girls out there constantly tweeting your idols, just remember, if they have that filter option set to "Verified", which I'm guessing a load will do, then guess what? They won't see your tweet(s) nor will they get a (push) notification. That's not to say that they won't switch the setting whenever they feel like it - I mean quite a few would enjoy chatting some random people up whilst they're on tour on there... "accidentally" send a picture... you know the drill.

Anyways, yeah, that's all really.


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