8th Aug 2014 03:16pm
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My previous post explained about the UK Police's latest crackdown on torrent sites and along with that, they also shut down Immunicity (which was just a normal free censorship tool). So with Immunicity no longer working and also shitloads of proxy websites going offline every week, what's the next best option?

TOR. That's what. TOR stands for The Onion Router - and like a router does, it directs traffic in different ways... with this it directs internet traffic through a volunteer network allowing you to totally avoid any "This page is blocked" notices. The web browser itself is a modified version of Mozilla Firefox's webbrowser, so if you do use Firefox, then you'll be more than familiar with it.

It's totally free to download and totally free to use - and allows you to access whatever you wish to (so long as the website itself is still online).

You can download TOR Browser, which is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux, here from the TOR Browser website.


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