13th Jun 2014 09:16pm
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Twitter Mute

It's now been just over a month since Twitter released its "Mute" feature and I feel it's time to now moan about.

Firstly, the feature is pretty much pointless. Muted people can STILL follow you and STILL interact with you, '@' replies and '@' mentions STILL appear in your notifications from whoever you've muted - so if they're constantly messaging you publicly, you'll STILL get them. Muted people can still send you DM's and all their previous tweets are still all shown all over your main feed.

Secondly, I personally haven't muted a single person and I really don't see the point in other people so either. Twitter is, what is commonly known as, a social network - there's a clue in that title, see it? Yes! SOCIAL. Social in the respect that you're supposed to communicate with people - unless you're one of those pricks that just use it for numbers (because we all remember that you were the most popular person in college when you had 5,000+ MySpace friends).

It just totally defeats the object if being a social network, when you can't see what people are posting. Plus if your response to that is "but their posts annoy me", well there's an option that's been on the site since way back in 2006 when it started, called "Unfollow". Don't like what people post, unfollow them. Simple. You don't speak to them anyway, so just fuck then off.


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