6th Apr 2006 06:00am
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Well, finally it has reached us. Fife (Scotland) last night found that a swan which died carried the H5N1 strain of the virus - which is the deadly one to humans. The BBC have a press conference happening anytime soon. (Which i'm gonna watch).

» BBC News - Bird Flu


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6th Apr 2006 23:49

yup Dale and it's only about 15 miles from where i originally come from in Fife, all my family is still there, foned me mum and she said it was the bloody press scare mongering lol i said no way was i coming to see her this year lol.

By jim d


7th Apr 2006 18:43

Dont get too paranoid bout it tho dale.... dont think a decomtamanation suits are good for gettin drunk in!

By Jonny


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