1st May 2014 04:11pm
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Manual BBC New TOTH Project

Ever since being a youngster on the internet, I've always enjoyed playing around with soundboards and especially when the (unofficial) Chris Moyles website came out with a program that assigned various sound effects, jingles and what-not to your keyboard keys, I started getting right into them.

So I thought the other week, why not make one myself? Well I dabbled and thought, I'll make it in Flash, however it would then only work on Desktop computers and also there's always a slight delay in the audio playing (even when the audio is cached in your browser or when you're testing it locally). I decided to opt for the next best thing - something more widely used on computers, tablets and mobiles and that was JavaScript.

BBC News TOTH ProjectI've spent most of the morning, after watching Jeremy Kyle (don't judge!), faffing around with finding the right JavaScript library and have found one that worked to my needs - well I say worked - I did spend hours trying to sort a small problem out, which is the fact that you cannot STOP audio. You can only Play and Pause it. Bit stupid if you ask me, anyways this is what I've came up with...

A Manual BBC News TOTH Project. Unsure what I mean? If you've watched the BBC News channel, then you'll notice just before the Top of the Hour ("TOTH"), there's a countdown, then the headlines, then the intro... well now you can recreate that all for yourself using this funky thingy-ma-bob I made.

When it opens up, you press your [SPACE] bar and the Countdown music will start (I'm currently using the 90~ second countdown), then once that's finished, just press the [RIGHT] arrow on your keyboard and it'll give you the Headline sting and music, to repeat a new headline, just press [ENTER] on your keyboard, continue doing this as many times as you like, then once you're ready to start, just press the [RIGHT] arrow on your keyboard and wooo, the intro starts.

It's a nice bit of simple fun for the fans of the BBC News' TOTH stuff to play around with.

» Manual BBC News TOTH Project

Any questions, comments, suggestions, etc... pop them below in the comments box or pop me an email. :)


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10th Jun 2014 09:04

You could have the previous audio fade out over a couple of seconds giving a cross-fade...

By Minkpiss


15th Jun 2014 16:59

I could have done, but the HTML5 Audio object doesn't support crossfading. I will try and work on another alternative at some point. :)

By Dale Hay


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