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dhIMG tumblrdhIMG tumblr is a free program that works on pretty much any computer running Microsoft Windows and allows you to download the images from a tumblr page easily. This tool can be extremely handy if you are wanting to backup your tumblr profile and don't wish to save every image manually.


- Small program size
- Standalone application (no need to install)
- Quick downloading of tumblr images
- Always the highest quality picture downloaded
- Set where your downloads goto

What's New in 1.1?

- No "freezing" when fetching images
- No "freezing" when downloading images
- Maximum amount of images to fetch
- Couple of minor tiny bug fixes


Upon downloading dhIMG tumblr, you will need to extract the ZIP file (right-click and goto "Extract All"), then you can double-click the program ("dhIMG tumblr.exe") and launch it.

In Step 1, you will need to enter the name of the tumblr blog you're wanting to save the images from. Only use the name and nothing else!
dhIMG tumblr

Once you've got the tumblr page name and entered it into the name box, choose the maximum amount of images you want downloading and then click on the "Find Images..." button. This will take only a few moments and will find the images and prompt you that it has found the images once it's complete.

Now you will need to move onto Step 2, which is where you must specify where you want the images to be saved to - which you can do by clicking the "Save to..." button and selecting a folder. (Make sure there's not a trailing slash in that field)

Once that information is all in and sorted, then you can hit "RUN!" and sit back whilst the program does its magic. You will be prompted once again when all the images have been downloaded.

Note: During the downloading of the images, dhIMG tumblr may freeze and say "Not Responding", just ignore this as it's working its socks off to get you the pictures. It will go back to normal once the pictures have been downloaded.

Current Version

The latest version of dhIMG tumblr is version 1.1, which was released on 24th January 2014.


- Quick downloading of tumblr images
- Always highest quality picture available downloaded
- Set where your downloads goto


- Update
- Initial Release


dhIMG tumblr: [Download Now]

Please use the URL: http://dalehay.me/download/dhimg_tumblr/ if you're directly linking. This is so I can keep a count on the downloads. Thank you.

Spread The Word

As an avvid "free" programmer, this software is offered free - yes, that's 100% free (no hidden charges, no installation toolbars, no diallers, no spyware and no in-program adverts), though all I ask from you is that you tell others about dhIMG tumblr. Also if you wish to mention it on your website or blog, then that would be amazing! Contact me and I will happily linkback to your review (be it a good or bad review).

To link to the program, please either use this current comment pages' URL

Or use the quicker URL of

Along with linking it from various websites, you can also use the social media options below to post it to websites like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Digg, etc...




Fancy thanking me for my time? Feel free to pop over a donation... it will help to get coffee that'll keep me awake and programming until the early hours of the morning.


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5th Aug 2015 01:14

Hi Dale. I like your tools. Some of the pages I've browsed have had more images than the max option offered in your programs and at the moment my main interest is in getting all of them. I have no knowledge of how to make such said tools, although I would love to, but what should I do if I'm not able to get all the images through your programs? I could understand if it was just a few images out of bounds, but some of them are hundreds more.

By tehran


9th Apr 2016 04:55

Hi matie,
I had no idea just how smart you were. I am beyond impressed.
Where are your Websites listed?

By Mark Spaven


26th Jan 2018 16:38

Hi Dale,

the system looks like there are restrictions of max. of 3.200 photos.

Hower, no more than 1.000 actually can be downloaded.

Has this something to do with previous donaton to be made ? (which, for some reason, cannot be performed presently)

Best regards


By Charly


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