24th Jan 2014 05:28pm
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Beliebers Are Retards

Ok, so as you obviously will have known the little Canadian scrote, Justin Bieber, got arrested the other day for driving under the influence and rightly so. It's a criminal offence. Simple as. Then Miami Police Department released his mugshot for the world to see and the little shit is smiling on it - smug. Now whilst this was all in the news and what not the Twittersphere decided to erupt with various hashtags splashing around and before long, the worldwide trends were mainly dominated by Bieber related trends, like #JustinBieber, DUI, #WeWillAlwaysSupportYouJustin and #FreeBieber. The last one in that list makes it seem like the Beliebers think Justin is the next Nelson Man-fucking-dela. HE AIN'T!

*rant mode switched on*

Whilst flicking through a few of these trends I came across a load of people (low life Beliebers with no recollection of what the outside world is) slagging off people supporting Justin BEING arrested (with me?) and they [Beliebers] were saying stupid things like "Don't hate Justin! He saved millions"... I felt my own blood boil - but resisted tweeting this poor sap, to save my own sanity and well-being (seriously, you try picking a fight with a Belieber and sadly they're like the school bully - can't fight on their own, and before you know it you've got thousands of them tweeting you threats and shit... hardly what their "Lord and Saviour Justin Bieber" would want?). So going back, "He saved millions", how? HOW!?! I haven't seen him go out of his way and spend weeks on end (VOLUNTARILY!) in harsh environments like many normal folk do, by going to countries like Africa and helping to build communities, supply fresh water and vaccinations to children and others that require them. Saved?! Saved what?! My arse! That's what.

Then there's the "#FreeBieber" trend where Beliebers want Justin to go free (which his bail has been paid now - set at a small sum of $2,500 - for him that's loose change). So you want him to go free? So you're happy with the fact that him driving under the influence - which is ILLEGAL - is alright? You're happy that there was a chance he could've got into an accident - which could've ended in him injuring or killing himself or who knows however many others?! How would YOU feel as a Belieber if you got a phone call saying "We're sorry to tell you this, but your Mother and Father have just been killed in a horrific car crash?" and then you found out it was Justin's fault? Would you still feel the same? Heck no you wouldn't! Unless you're so fucking retarded that you'd think this is a great chance to go and get his autograph and probably a picture that you'll probably end up sticking on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/whatever with a comment saying "THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! WITH JUSTIN BIEBER IN THE HOSPITAL AFTER HE KILLED MY PARENTS! LOLZ!".

You all need your bloody heads testing. He isn't anything special! He is a product! Not a person! He is a product... a brand. He is OWNED by someone. He is no saviour... and the sooner you learn that, the better.


Right, that's off my chest.

*rant mode switched off*

Tea anyone?


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