17th Jan 2014 03:23am
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So not only this week have I said goodbye to a 7 year old friend, Google Chrome, but now I have officially said goodbye to a longer - 13 year old - friend, Windows XP.

Yes, I have finally took the jump and moved away from XP, well on my main laptop that is. My computer still happily runs Windows 2000 (NOT Windows ME - don't get confused, one's good one shite) and my other 3 laptops run Windows XP too.

So why did I change? Well I do love XP and without a doubt, it was the best operating system Microsoft have ever released, with Windows 98 (SE) coming close in second place, but it wasn't because of it going out of its support "life", as with there being a lot of Window XP's source code available online anyways, if a problem was found, someone in the "underground" side of the internet, would've been able to come up with a patch/fix for it and because of this I believe Windows XP will still be used a hell of a lot even in the 2020's and 2030's. Anyways going back to what I was on about, the reason I have left XP is because there's a few things I want to try out of various programs I have installed, but for some stupid/retarded reason, I can only install them if I have Windows 7 installed.

Also since (dreaded) Vista, Microsoft did upgrade their speech recognition stuff too, which is an area of computing that I've been getting quite hooked into. When I was on XP, I did have 3 different programs running that allowed me to speak to my laptop, it'd then decide if I'm after a program to be opened or if I'm normally chatting to my laptop, which if I was just normally chatting to my laptop, it'd then consult its "brain" (which I could also update and educate it even more) and speak back to me with a response. Pretty much just like a Siri for Windows XP. Cool, yeah? I mean, I used to be able to say to my laptop when I was sitting on my bed, "Laptop, can you please read me a story?", it would respond "What story would you like?", I would then say (for example) "A Christmas Carol". It would then search automatically (in the background) for the story, then start reading it instantly... and I didn't use Microsoft Sam for the voice either, I had a decent voice package installed that sounded a bit too real and I used to fall asleep whilst being read a story.

So all-in-all, the few addons to programs I've got and also SAPI are the main reasons I've upgraded... not a lot really, but hey-ho.


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