12th Jan 2014 04:37pm
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I do enjoy the odd rumour, that could actually be true, and no more so than a local one in a village a short distance from me called Polesworth.

So what's the rumour?

Well, earlier on I got a text message from The Mother saying she's heard that Robbie Williams had a few drinks around the pubs in Polesworth and also has purchased Pooley Hall (the home of the late Edwin Starr). Now normally I don't listen to rumours and gossip because if I did then Cher would be living just around the corner and I'd also be a coke-head (don't ask). So I thought, I'd have a little look on Twitter and see if anything along those lines has been mentioned and low-n-behold, there has been.

The first tweet about it was sent to Robbie Williams (@RobbieWilliams) by Annette Luke (@Netlukey) saying "Is @robbiewillaims living in Polesworth??". This tweet was sent on January 5th 2014 and also on the same day, another tweet was mentioning that it's rumoured on Facebook that Robbie's moving to Polesworth.

Robbie Williams in Polesworth

Then it went quiet for a few days and a tweet appeared on the 9th Jan asking. Then, as you can see below, on the 10th Jan a tweeter tweeted that he isn't in Polesworth and that everyone should "get a fucking grip!"

Robbie Williams in Polesworth

Then comes today... a lot more tweets have been mentioned about it, a majority of them also mentioning about the purchase of Pooley Hall. So does this mean Robbie Williams will be living in Polesworth? The building is lovely, so I can't really see him just buying it and not living there all the time (that is obviously if he IS genuinely moving to Polesworth).

So, what's Pooley Hall like? I hear you ask. Well I shall explain.

Pooley Hall, Polesworth

Pooley Hall was built in 1509 by Sir Thomas Cockayne and is a Grade II listed building. Its Estate grounds and colliery site are all being operated by Warwickshire County Council as a country park, known as, well, "Pooley Country Park".

Pooley Hall itself is a private residence and was previous owned by American Soul and Motown singer, Edwin Starr, until his death in 2003.

Now here's where we revert back to the rumour. The house is a private (empty) residence and Robbie Williams has money, will he buy it for a more peaceful and tranquil life? Who knows. As more information because available I will continue to update this post, so don't forget to keep checking back. :)

Update (14th January 2014)
It seems a few of the local papers are also covering this story now (BirminghamMail, Tamworth Herald, Stoke-something-or-other) and also a few people have mentioned a story on the Daily Mail website showing pictures taken of Robbie Williams on Sunday night leaving a restaurant in Beverley Hills. This however does NOT squash the rumour at the moment, as Robbie was supposedly in Polesworth either Friday or Saturday night. If it was Friday, then a night in Polesworth's pubs and then an early flight could be feasible.

There are also a few girls that have supposedly got their pictures taken with him too, from either Friday or Saturday night, but without seeing them, we can't finally prove or disprove these rumours. If you know the girls, get in touch. (Seems I'm beating the newspapers with this story - once again)

Pooley Hall Image Source: NB Seyella


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