5th Jan 2014 07:55pm
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If like myself earlier, you try sending a picture along with a tweet using the official Twitter app for Android and it sometimes doesn't send, but also doesn't give you a "Failed to send Tweet" error, you'll be familiar with "Sending Tweet..." being stuck on your dropdown thing.

Sending Tweet... Stuck On Android

Sadly, it doesn't disappear when you stop Twitter's process (in the "Running Services" option in your Settings) and you can't swipe it away (well, depends if your version of Android allows you or not) and this is a problem I have noticed all around the internet on various places. So how do you fix it? Well you could just reboot your phone... but in this day and age of fast communication, rebooting is time consuming (I know less than a minute, but heck, that's a lot of time!).

So here we go, a quick and very simple way of removing it...

1) Go into your "Settings", scroll down and select "Applications". When in "Applications", select "Manage applications".

Sending Tweet... Stuck On Android

2) Find "Twitter" and press it.

Sending Tweet... Stuck On Android

3) When on that page, just tap the "Force stop" button and select "OK" on the popup.

Sending Tweet... Stuck On Android

And Boom!

Sending Tweet... Stuck On Android

It's gone and without the need to reboot your phone. Now fire Twitter back up and you should still be all logged in and ready to continue.

Told you it was quick and easy. :)


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21st Aug 2014 18:45

You can also now just tap and hold on the notification in the drop down, then tap App info, and then you can Force Stop.

By Shawn


8th Aug 2016 23:39

By James Simoncavage


8th Aug 2016 23:46

I tried what you suggested on my Samsung
Galaxy Tab Pro and I still have the same failed
to send tweet problem. I haven't been able to send
any tweets since August 3rd. I haven't gotten any
help at all from the Twitter people. If there is
something else you can think of, to help me fix
this problem. I would greatly appreciate it.

By James Simoncavage


23rd Jun 2018 19:25

*I had this issue and found a fix you should try before the one detailed above because this method will preserve any tweets you are trying to send and prevent you having to rewrite the entire Tweet*

Android Fix:

1- Click on the "sending tweet" notification
2- This should bring you to the App Settings menu
3- Navigate to the data usage sub menu (you may need to press the back arrow [ < ] in the top left corner)
4- Allow backround data usage
5- Allow unrestricted data usage
6- Wait a moment and the tweet should send.

I believe this bug happens when you send a tweet and then close the Twitter App before the tweet has been sent.

Hope this helps you. Good luck!

By mx9


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