26th Mar 2006 06:00am
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I have decided to reopen the blog page for two reasons, so I can post my blog there and also because quite a few visitors came from search engines from things off that page. If you do not know what a blog is - it is simply a online diary. :)

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26th Mar 2006 23:37

Hey babes

hehe oh dear me - cooking pies are a pain bud - honest - there is a trick to it I am sure.

Per-heat the oven is a must and also dont use the grill use the oven to it heat them evenly and not from the top.

Also you might like to add a coments section to your blog like you have here so that ppl can coment on your blog directly.

take care have a fab week and will chat to you soon x
By blog

27th Mar 2006 10:11

Its cos u bitter bout my morning thoughts on the forum... lol - i inspire..................................... :)
By Jonny

27th Mar 2006 19:18


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