7th Nov 2013 05:50pm
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Well the wonders of social media, here daily to help recirculate stuff that's been around since the dawn of time and make it seem like it's something brand new and exclusive.

Well, here's a prime example. I noticed a fair few people posting and "sharing" this newspaper headline, "Christmas Is Banned: It Offends Muslims" on Facebook earlier...

Christmas Is Banned: It Offends Muslims

I also had a flick through a few comments on it too (there were thousands, so couldn't have gone through every single one of them) and it's amazing that people are thinking this is a recent headline and are immediately spouting hatred towards the Muslim community.

So first thing's first... let's just sort this crap out and point out a few things...

1) This is a headline printed back in 2005 (Yes! 8 years ago!)

2) This was printed by the Daily Express - need I say more.

3) The story had nothing to do directly with the Muslim community - and was basically about Lambeth council supposedly going to call Christmas Lights "Winter Lights" incase they offended other religions. (Note: "Other religions", not ONE single religion - as commonly misinterpreted by others). Plus, I really don't think the Muslim community really give two shits about Christmas.

4) If you actually HAD a life from your computer and actually visited a shop daily, you would have noticed all the newspapers NOT mentioning it recently.

Really grinds my gears when I see stuff that was popular years ago - before these "kids" started infesting the internet - then disappeared slowly starting to reappear again as if they are brand new and what-not and sparks everyone off. Do your research.

Lost my trail of thought now... well, moan over.


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