21st Mar 2006 05:00am
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When I have finished several services for this site, they will be available to you visitors, HOWEVER to use them you need a DHID (Just a simple one off login username and password). If you would like to have one, then send a username you want along with a temporary password and your email address through the contact form and your account will be added to the database along with others and you will get emailed when your account is active and ready to use. :)


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22nd Mar 2006 10:35

Does that include us forum family!?!
By Jonny

22nd Mar 2006 15:39

Yes this does include the forum family too. :)
By Dale Hay

22nd Mar 2006 15:56

Thats good cos I've done it! Yay!!
By Jonny

23rd Mar 2006 15:17

innit mann LOL u must b NUTTS to
becauz i am virgin mann LOL
By Mark Deadson

23rd Mar 2006 15:18

P.S. i will do it 4 you Keep in touch mann
By Mark Deadson

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