28th Jul 2013 08:30am
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Well I spent pretty much most of last night in a bar enjoying karaoke in New Orleans. It was absolutely amazing!

Ok, I confess, I wasn't actually there, but I kind of was... I was on a website called EarthCam that shows webcam feeds from all over the world and in the Louisiana section is a karaoke bar in New Orleans called Cats Meow Karaoke Bar and I was watching their feed. It was absolutely amazing! The karaoke host, Nicole "MC Double D", is so energetic and knows how to get the crowd going.

Underneath the sign you will notice someone that looks similar to Frank Gallagher, well that's their resident drunk (so yeah, their own Frank Gallagher) who goes by the name of Blue (I believe) - and when he drinks (usually his bottle of whiskey - YOU DRINK!).

Going back to this feed, there were plenty of people on karaoke and between each karaoke entry there's a normal song playing that's sang over by Nicole. So I've now decided that it'll be a lot more cheaper buying a few beers from the shop, put this feed on fullsize and turn the music up and it'll be like I am actually there - like I did last night.

I think more places should do this (cam feed that is). Cheaper, safer and no one can hear you sing the wrong lyrics in a song. ;)

Only problem though is the timezone difference, which Louisiana is 6 hours behind me here in the UK (so 4.40am here would be 10.40pm there), so this may be best for you to view once you've come home from the pub, sort of like to continue your night.

» Cats Meow Karaoke Bar Camera Feed
» Cats Meow Karaoke Bar


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