7th Mar 2006 05:00am
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Knock Professor Dale Hay off Top Spot


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8th Mar 2006 02:23

That site is higher up because the website it is part of most probably has hundreds and pages and many external links to relevant site a big factor google uses when ranking pages. :)

By Kyle


8th Mar 2006 09:36

don't worry, me and BrightSpark! will help u :D



8th Mar 2006 09:57

you shud b on top urz is da best!

By rach xx


8th Mar 2006 16:46

I feel attraced to her.... its the glasses.......... sooooooooo thick and round!

By Jonny


8th Mar 2006 22:10


By mr T


8th Mar 2006 22:14


By Hannah


8th Mar 2006 22:16

yo mannn she looks like my mum LOL and thats bad yes you can count me to help you dale

By peter


8th Mar 2006 22:20

take that old donkey off.......she looks like harry potters mother... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA....and she SINKS

By The BrightSpark!


10th Mar 2006 21:06

Hmmm, maybe if you get some big round glasses and a wig too?

By John


12th Mar 2006 09:05

I have some tips:
1) Put meta tags on ALL your websites
2) make sure people put links on there web pages to this page
3) set up 'fake' pages which basically have links to this website
4) you put links to other peoples website
5) update the website frequently
6) add to search engines (usually free, just google 'free search engine submission')
7) at a link in sig in forums (forums are highly ranked)

That will increase you website rank but I am afraid you ain't gonna beat amazon and a university website. They pay hundreds of pounds every year to make sure there website is high, and with the thousands of hits daily you are not gonna beat em.

Hope that helps
Dave :)
netfuseuk.com, zimbe.com

By Dave


16th Mar 2006 14:24

Drop the use of tables, seperate style from content, (code with professionally with web standards, accessiblity). Build Links, with the anchor text being the words you wish rank well for 'dale hay'.

"set up 'fake' pages which basically have links to this website" - and recieve a google ban!

After a bit of very quick research you should be able to rank first for "dale hay", hardly a competitive term! :)

By davew


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