3rd Mar 2006 05:00am
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Well for some unknown reason I haven't been paid my EMA (Education Maintenance Allowance) this week, yet I was at ALL my lessons last week and handed the form in... and that means I will be getting NO money what so ever, so if this site goes down then you know why. I seriously fucking hate the goverment! Arseholes!!


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4th Mar 2006 02:49

What makes you think that it has anything to do with the government? It was most-likely a cock-up at your school. And its not as if the government provided police protection, fire safety, health care and the very money you are talking about is it? :p rant over

By Kyle


4th Mar 2006 02:58

Well the college I attend just says it's the main EMA people's fault, and that I should contact them.

By Dale Hay


4th Mar 2006 11:44

In MY time we didnt get paid... at least u do sometimes

By Jonny


4th Mar 2006 22:15

Get a job to support yourself for crying out loud. When you get to University or the real world, nobody will be able to help you, so get use to it. The government should stop EMA and stop bribing people to go to College.

By Henry


12th Mar 2006 09:09

At least you get EMA. Unlike others who have to work for money

By Dave


12th Mar 2006 09:09

At least you get EMA. Unlike others who have to work for money

By Dave


16th Mar 2006 14:34

we had no EMA when I was at college, and to be frank either should you!

People should be glad for the opportunity of learning and gaining qualifications, not be bribed into going...

also you should start saving for uni...

By davew


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