13th Apr 2013 11:04am
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Damn, it's been a while since I've had such a short sleep, but with the most weirdest dreams ever. Am sure my mind seems to find it enjoyable giving me the weirdest of dreams when I'm sleeping.

The first dream consisted of me being in a slight social media based world, which everytime someone spoke it would appear as a speech bubble above their heads (it had a very Sims style feel to it - and I came into a coffee shop style building and sat down on a seat at the counter next to a black gentleman reading a newspaper, to which the lady working at this coffee shop/coffee house turned around to him and whispered "He's a bit weird looking", "Who?" the gentleman replied, "That bloke next to you" referring to me... dressed all in a beige coloured suit.)

Automatic Colour Changing LabelsI then moved away from the counter and the dream morphed from a coffee shop to what seemed like a clothing shop, but one thing about it - which I think it quite awesome, is that you can change the colours of whatever you wish to buy, by rubbing your thumb over the colour pad on the label and it'll automatically change colour for you. I remember very clearly having a slightly tie-dyed looking t-shirt in a pink and red blended colour and also a black cushion with a red squared pattern running down the edge of it. I then was showing someone about the fact you could change the colours of the items you wanted to buy.

That dream then faded into another dream, which had me in some woodland built on a hill and random people I know just walking and/or jogging past me. They weren't saying anything and I had no idea where they were going to... which was weird. Then the weirdest part of my dreams was that this woodland scene then turned into what I can only describe as a waiting room of some sort at a prison or police station. The floor and walls were white, the waiting room had green-cushioned chairs and to the left of me (one seat gap) were a middle-aged couple (male and female), to my right along the other wall was an elderly gentleman and an elderly lady, then opposite was a bloke - who I'd say was in his late 50's early 60's. This bloke kept going in and out of the main waiting area where we all were and into a side waiting area (which didn't have any doors, so everything could be seen and heard). He kept threatening this lady in there and from no where produced a Sai (but the edges were higher than the sword in the middle) and a pick axe, threatened her for about 2 minutes (to which the police never came to sort him out) then dropped his pick axe, which made me stand up and make eye contact with him. He walked over towards me and said "Did you not see my...", to which I interrupted and said "Yes! I saw your thingy and your axe!". I then retreated and sat back down on the chair in the waiting room.

This bloke then decided to walk towards a door on the right-hand side of the waiting room and tell us all in the room that the police can see him on the camera and won't do anything about him until he has actually done something in the waiting room. He then began pacing backwards and forwards and mentioned he was going to goto the toilet, however when he decided to go to the toilet, he past the elderly lady on the right side of the waiting room, grabbed her by the sides of her legs and dragged her straight off the chair - causing her to hit her head on the solid floor (causing an almighty and still audible thud). At this point whilst he had her on the floor, I decided to quickly get up and wrestle this man to the ground, where I placed him face-down, put his arms behind his back and tied his wrists with a zip tie.

The "camera" in my dream, then seemed to zoom out from where I was on the floor - rising up through the ceiling of the waiting room and fading slowly to a white screen with a text based logo in a grey coloured font reading "English" and then in a green colour "01". That's when I woke up. Mad or what?

No idea what on earth English01 is. Though the colour picking item idea is well funky.


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