5th Mar 2013 01:09am
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5am - Got woken up by the sound of an angel, well close enough. The bloke in the bed next to me's mobile phone kept randomly playing -I think- Dolly Parton. After numorous attempts to turn it off whilst also shouting random things like "Bloody hell!" and "Jesus wept!" it did stop playing... then before you could say anything, a blokes voice started bellowing loudly from his phone singing more country music. The bloke next to me was going totally ballistic again, shouting and cursing... but this time after apologising to the ward about how his phone won't shut the fudge up, he decided to goto the toilet instead and dismantled his phone! I was in a right fit of giggles during all of this and didn't stop for a good half-hour. Oh and just had my nil-by-mouth sign go above my head. :/

PE Nuss Bar Removal: Day 2 SundayWell failed to get much sleep and woke up about 6am. Waited for the ward to pretty much wake up and then got seen by the consultant and anaesetist who got me to sign a few things... then one of the surgeons appeared at my bed and told me it's time to go. I was shocked how quick it was. I was sent down to theatre and had to get on the operating table... they then knocked me out whilst I was singing 'Grande Ol Duke Of York'. Within 40 minutes I woke up in recovery where I felt great albeit a bit confused for a bit. I was then returned to the ward and given dinner and coffee. Within 10 minutes of being back on the ward I was up and out of bed, moving around, etc..

The rest of the day just consisted of me chilling in bed or pottering around the hospital. Had an X-ray and have been told everything looks good. Enjoyed a right laugh with the father of the bloke opposite me during the night visiting hours and have been told I am being let home tomorrow.

PE Nuss Bar Removal: Day 2 Sunday

Time to sleep then I think... or do I sit and pig out on my Mars bar, Mint Aero and MiniCheddars that The Mother brought me in earlier? Hmm...


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12th May 2016 14:19

Hello! I will be undergoing bar removal next month and wondering if you were operated under MR kalkat

Am I correct in understanding that you were only in hospital for one night after bar removal?

How long after bar removal was it until you felt 100% pain free?

By mike


13th May 2016 11:04

Hello Mike,

I was operated under Mr Kalkat, yes. He's a brilliant man. :)

Yes, I went in (so that I 'secured' a bed) on the Saturday evening, removal on the Sunday morning and then discharged on the Monday. After the removal, I barely felt any pain at all. (I slightly was off my tits on Tramadol a fair bit though)

I felt 100% pain free after only a couple of days. Although still to this day, I have a very tender and sore feeling 'behind' my left nipple from it, so I can't fall asleep on my left-hand side.

By Dale Hay


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