5th Mar 2013 01:08am
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I phoned the hospital on Saturday morning as requested on the latest form I received and was told that it doesn't look likely any beds are going to be available, but the ward sister who I spoke to though did say straight after to give her my number and she will contact me back as soon as something is free during the day, and that she knew how much I was being messed about.

So I took a nap because of the lack of sleep I've been having and then was woken up at 6pm to a phone call from the ward saying there IS a definite bed available for me and I can come down whenever I'm ready. So that put a huge smile on my face and I decided to have something to eat and drink before I came to the hospital as I missed the dinner slot. :/

PE Nuss Bar Removal: Day 1 SaturdaySo, I was dropped off on my own at the hospital around 7.30pm and proceeded to the ward, where I was shown which bay and bed I will be in. At the time of arrival I hit visiting time and there was one family that had me in right stiches. One of the things I remember him say was when they were just about to leave and he said to once of the other lads: "I'm in in 2 weeks time... for a penis enlargement... it was your Mother's idea."

Hehe! After they left, a doctor came to see me for me to fill out the usual consent form (saying what risks there are, infections, heart attack, death, etc...). I signed that and then was told I would need another blood test as it was so long ago since I had the last one. All I can say about the blood test was that it bloody hurt... normally I have injections in my right arm as they seem to go in and out without a hitch, but weirdly I was jabbed in the left arm and it felt more like burning.

Well that's all that's happened so far tonight... I'm just waiting now for my breakfast. At the time of writing this, it's 2.36am, and I've been told I can have my breakfast early because I cannot eat after 3am. :(

Well, night night. :)


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