16th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Well after several years of NO Unreal Tournament... i'm back playing it! Oh yes!! :D Lost all my skill though, however i'll build it back up... so if you see someone online (on Capture the Flag ~ Usually on Instagib matches) with the username 'dalehay.com' then that's me... feel free to attack me. :p


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17th Feb 2006 02:22

Whats Unreal Tournament?

By Jonny


17th Feb 2006 02:33


What is Unreal Tournament??

It's only like the BIGGEST PC Game around!! UT G.O.T.Y (which came out early 2000/1) was the best thing around! The offical site has more information!

By Dale Hay


17th Feb 2006 03:05

Thanks for clearing that up... kinda!

gonna go have a gander... tho i really should go to sleep - but everything i took home is on my bed as i thought i'd put it all away if i did tat - but i havent!

By Jonny


17th Feb 2006 03:17

looks boring! too tired to read it all

By Jonny


28th Feb 2006 20:13

As my name entails, I am a huge UT addict, I've slown down over the past few years, but I am back playing it a little more now. Love the site.

By utcrazy


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