8th Nov 2005 05:00am
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What do i remember about yesterday?
Answer - nothing!
I remember being in a pub, getting talked to by various people and drinking carling. Then after a few pints I get brought a "green bomb" ... pretty much cained that. Then carried on drinking and chatting to the landlord's wife and son. Then anything after that i cannot remember, actualy i remember falling to the floor as soon as the fresh nighttime air hit me, but thats all. I know I was sick because while writing this i still have some sick lodged in my nostril. So anyways, i believe it was a good night, and i've missed college today, which I'm gutted about due to me now not having my EMA bonus at christmas. Oh well. :D
I'd like to also say a big thank you to everyone that said happy birthday to me, and to those who brought me a card (or sent me an eCard). Right i'm off to get rid of the lodged sick in my nose. :D Bye Bye. xxx


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11th Mar 2006 09:10

Test :D

Wooo... :p

By Dale Hay


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