7th Feb 2013 01:56pm
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Even though my attention span isn't exactly the best in the world, I do like to keep myself occupied a majority of the time playing games on my laptop and no more so than the past week or so since I've had no internet at all (it's been horrible using Twitter via text message only).

Now I'm not really one for upto date games that are all heavily 3D, I prefer the older games that are still fun to play (mainly isometric style games too). So since I've been technically offline, I've been playing 1NSANE, Age of Empires, Children of the Nile, Empire Earth, Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, SimCity 3000, Star Wars Galactic Battleground, Stronghold 2, The Simpsons Hit & Run, Tropico and Unreal Tournament. As you can tell, I do like my simulation games. Playing a type of "god" in a game does me brilliantly, however there's a few things that annoy me about some of the games.

With 1NSANE, it's a car driving game where you can play various games like Capture The Flag, however because the game is fairly old, there's not many fan based sites around the internet that offer any new custom maps or vehicles and any that are around seem to be full of dead links. 1NSANE 2 has been released and I have gave that a go, but it just seems a tad bit too heavy on the 3D graphics aspect.

With Age of Empires, I only prefer playing 1 and 2, because they ruined it by going full 3D and lost the Isometric feel in Age of Empires 3. My main quarrel about Age of Empires though is the Priests. I wish there was a way where you can play a game without any Priests - though I think maybe if you make a Custom Scenario then it gives you an option of what can be researched, but that's too much faffing around. Besides that though, for a game from the mid-90's it's still an amazing game! I have hours of fun with it.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 - as with Roller Coaster Tycoon 1, were brilliant, however as with Age of Empires, they ruined it with number 3 by going all 3D. If I wanted a 3D Theme Park management game, then I'd play Bullfrog's Theme Park World. Also one annoyance that was introduced in RCT2 was that you could only set either a Park Entrance fee or a Ride Ticket fee and not both, like you could in RCT1. There is a modification around the internet somewhere that allows you to set both though, which is handy when you want to be a meany and pinch more money from your park visitors.

As for the other games, I haven't really got any problems with any of them, particularly Unreal Tournament, because since its launch back in 1998, it has gained a massive community of people that have made custom maps, weapons, characters, textures, sounds and modifications. Still to this day the game is still being developed on - yes, the original one! New mod packs are being released every month or so from Unreal Tournamnet community websites, like UT99.org. I've tried myself having a dabble at the mapping side of things, but I haven't really got a creative mind and my maps just end up looking like bunches of blocks. Who knows, I might sit down and try and create a map one day - and also the great thing too is that maps made in Unreal Tournament can be imported to other versions of Unreal Tournament (like UT2003 and UT2004) and I believe can be imported to any game that uses the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) too.


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