3rd Feb 2013 01:24pm
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Well that's me all caught up now with the charts after neglecting them the past couple of month - will obviously put todays on later on when they're announced around 7pm. Also I'm preparing tomorrows Manday too... feel we're in need of a good one tomorrow. The original lad I was going to use - who I saw in Cold Case the other night - died last year, so I can't really put him on.

Talking of TV, I have recently - well since we had Sky TV - got myself hooked on low-budget films, especially disaster based ones. Only earlier on today I was watching a film called "Fire From Below" which as the title suggests is about a fire (well more Lithium) killing people above ground. The film had a decent storyline and was really good besides the over-use of the same shot - the main characters at the end must've ran past the same piece of cave about 6 times. I was hoping the "bomb" at the end would go off in a spectacular bang, but sadly I feel me and The Mother were robbed of an explosion... as she described it, "it just seemed like it had all this build up for just a fart to finish it".

Also I've been getting a fair amount of good feedback about Dale's Ad Break too, which is always good, so thank you for that! I am constantly watching the adverts now to see which ones are new this month and what to include. :) Slight bit of researching, so I can hopefully bring you a second episode. If you haven't seen Episode 1: January then click the link below and it'll take you to YouTube.

» Dale's Ad Break (Episode 1: January) (YouTube)


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