24th Jan 2013 07:31am
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Well after today, I will no longer be 95% human, 5% stainless steel and will be back to being 100% human. Yes, the day has came where my bar that's been correcting my Pectus Excavatum finally comes out.

At the time of writing this (7.28am), I am not actually very nervous... though I shouldn't really be as I've been there and done it once before (when the bar was being put in), though knowing me when I'm called up to have my sexy hospital gown on, then the nerves will probably start taking over me.

So the way the day is due to be planned, is that I've got to be at the hospital for 10.30am, which then I'll sign the usual forms (like that I agree I do NOT want an epidural - I refuse to have them(!!) and also the usual "morality" one too), then will have to wait around til about 2-3pm to be called into theatre. I should hopefully be awake by 5-6pm to which I'll be able to finally drink and eat again and just rest overnight.

I should - if no problems occur - be let home tomorrow. And hopefully get to keep my bar. :)

Well for now, I will see you all soon. Ciao.


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