13th Feb 2006 05:00am
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Finally the day is here! And to mark its arrival from 11am till 2pm nothing but Love Songs will be played on 'dalehay.com' radio. Spanning across 4 and a half decades of music! Thats all from 11am!
Luv Dale xx


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13th Feb 2006 23:41


theres still 20 minutes to go!!! :D

By Marv


13th Feb 2006 23:44

My little clock next to my laptop is 30 minutes slow, so I am infact in Valentines day :p

By Dale Hay


14th Feb 2006 16:23

Happy Valentines Day!


By Kyle


14th Feb 2006 16:32

You too Kyle. xx

By Dale Hay


14th Feb 2006 17:09

Im being a LONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My date fell threw cos he says he likes my mate more... as I was sat opposite this mate... so over my drink went and my phone to his head!

By Jonny


15th Feb 2006 00:12

Can you go back to normal now please?

By Jonny


15th Feb 2006 00:18

Just turning back now. Two secs! :D

By Dale Hay


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