9th Jan 2013 01:20pm
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Smashed Window

Just when you think you live in a nice quiet place, that (above) happens... but it's not the first thing to happen since we've moved around the corner and they ain't random attacks - well not that we know of anyways. It seems a possible person is to blame for this, which happened last night at 6.55pm and as you can see it was a poor throw as it only broke one pane of the double glazing. Besides this though, we've had the cars back window put through too a few weeks ago. Oh and to note aswell that the CCTV camera that was pointing at the car all night weirdly "wasn't working". Pointless shoving cameras up that don't work. Idiots.

Well, this was reported (to 101 - no point wasting 999's time when it happened) and I have a feeling something else will more than likely happen in the next week or so... things are happening too often now... and my webcam is shite at the moment so I can't have it filming outside during the evening and night time. Urgh.

Smashed Window


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